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Comments and Help with ssa function report adult

Who needs an SSA-3373-BK Form?

People who want to report their illnesses, conditions or injuries limiting their lives should use this form.

What is an SSA-3373-BK Form Used for?

This form is an essential paper while applying for any kind of benefits from the employer or government. While asking for some aid you will automatically explain how your life is limited and how the requested benefit can help you.

Is an SSA-3373-BK Form Accompanied by Other Forms?

An SSA-3373-BK Form is not accompanied by other forms. It doesn't need any attachments as well. If you lack some space while answering some questions you can use a "REMARKS" section on the las page of the form.

What Information Should be Provided in an SSA-3373-BK Form?

  • Disabled person's name

  • Social Security Number

  • Phone number

  • Habitation information

  • How do reported circumstances limit your ability to work

  • Information about daily activities

  • Information about abilities

  • Medicines taken

  • Etc

How do I fill out an SSA-3373-BK Form?

You shouldn't leave fields blank. If you are not sure about the answer you should either call a Social Security and ask them for help or simply write "Don't know".This form doesn't require any special knowledges. This is made for you to fill it out on your own. If either the explanation is asked for or you need to explain the answer, be sure to explain the answer. If you need some more space to answer any question, there's "REMARKS" section on the last page for it. Don't forget to write the number of question being answered while using the "REMARKS" section.
Don't write on the "For SSA Use Only" section.

Where do I send an SSA-3373-BK Form?

It is send to the establishment which made a request for it.

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Instructions and Help about form ssa 3373 bk 10 2015

I'm Sharon Christie your nurse attorney for Social Security disability after you file your application for disability you will receive from the Social Security Administration a form called the adult function report you will receive a letter with the form telling you that you have ten days to complete it and submit it to Social Security and you may wonder how important is this form do I really have to submit it within 10 days well the answer is the form is very important and yes you do need to submit it within 10 days or if you can't do that for a good reason call Social Security and ask for an extension but let's talk about why this form is important the form asks you to answer a number of different questions all related to your limitations and why you can't work and you have to remember that this is what your case is all about it's about why your condition prevents you from working so as you complete this form you have an opportunity to tell Social Security the specifics of your case and the limitations that you have that will keep you from being able to hold down a job but you have to be very careful in how you word your answers now why do I say that well for two reasons there are two mistakes that I frequently see when people fill out their own report the first is they want to try to get a lot of sympathy from Social Security now I understand that you're in a very tough position because you don't have any income and you're struggling to pay your bills but quite honestly Social Security really doesn't care about that because that has no part in the evaluation of your case so for example one of the questions you have to ask is are you capable of paying bills and I frequently see people saying in their response well I can't pay any bills because I don't have any money because I haven't been approved for disability that won't help you I know that's probably the truth but that kind of answer just won't help you when Social Security is asking is do you have the capacity do you have the ability to think enough to be able to pay your bills do you have any problems remembering to pay those does somebody have to help you pay your bills because you forget or you're not capable of either writing a check getting a money order or paying a bill online because Social Security wants to know what are your limitations in your day to day activities and that's one example that they use the other mistake that I see people making is going into great detail about their condition and their treatment but not spending enough time talking about their limitations Social Security will have a lot of medical evidence that outlines your diagnosis your symptoms and your treatment what you really want to focus on as you answer these questions are how the limitations that you have limit you your day to day activities because Social Security needs to understand why those limitations will prevent you from working for my clients I actually complete the form with them so that we...